• Securely send messages over the internet.

  • Fill out the form below and click send.

  • The message is encrypted and sent.

  • Your encrypted message is then locked in the vault.

  • Only the email recipient has the decryption key.

  • The message is deleted in 60 minutes or upon opening.

I created Pass It Safe to help my clients send me their credentials securely. Emailing passwords is not secure. Pass It Safe leverages a number of technologies to provide multiple layers of security. Messages are securely delivered and destroyed!

Bob Cravens - Dig Labs

This site uses 256 bit SSL encryption to protect confidential data during online transactions. Your secrets cannot be intercepted or stolen while sending. This is the same level of encryption that your bank uses.
Your message is encrypted on our servers before it is stored in the vault. The only key to decrypt your message is sent to the recipient. We cannot decrypt your message.
Limited Access
Messages in the vault can only be decrypted by the recipient once. Messages not retrieved within 15 minutes are deleted and no longer available.